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June 24 Saturday Fully Booked

June 26  Monday Fully booked

 June 27 Tues 8:00 - 9:00

June 28 Wed 4:00 - 9:00

June 29 Thurs 2:00 3:30

June 30 Friday 9:00- 5:00

July 1 Saturday OFF

July 3 Monday Off

July 4  Tuesday 9:00-10:00

                       1:00 - 9:00

July  5 Wednesday 1:30 -9:00

July 6 Thursday 10:30 - 1:00

                           4:00 - 9:00

July 7 Friday 9:00 - 5:00

July 8 saturday Fully Booked



In Spa Services    (Call 902-435-5710)


Regular Manicure

Shaping, detailed cuticle grooming, massage and polish application

$30.00/45 min   

Buy 4 for $25.00 each  

Add NEW CND Shellac Polish 

lasts around 2 weeks using new LED Lamps which is safer


Add French Manicure
add $5.00 for French Polish 

Add Nail Art

add $5.00 for one on each hand   

Add to manicure - hand paraffin

 for sugar scrub with warm towels and

paraffin treatment $10.00

Hand Paraffin (by it self)

This treatment is great for dry hands, cuticles, arthritis and

increasing circulation. This includes sugar scrub exfoliation

and massage with paraffin. $20.00/30 min.



Regular Pedicure

Foot bath, nail trimming and filing, cuticle and callus grooming,

foot and leg massage and polish

$45.00/1 hour  

Buy 4 for 38.00 each  

Add NEW CND Shellac Polish 
lasts around 2 weeks using new LED Lamps which is safer

Add French Polish

add $5.00 for French Polish 

Add Nail Art

add $5.00 for one on each foot

Add to pedicure - foot paraffin

add $10.00 for sugar scrub with warm towels and Paraffin

Foot Paraffin (by it self)

Paraffin is great for dry feet, cuticles, arthritis an increasing

circulation. This includes sugar scrub exfoliation, massage

and paraffin $20.00/30 min.

Foot Reflexology

What a great treat for your feet. This treatment is so relaxing.

Great for relieving stress, increasing circulation and it helps to

balance the body. This is a great preventative therapy.

$60.00/1 hour 

Buy 4 for $50.00 each 

$40.00/30 min. 

Buy 4 for $30.00 each  

(Nancy Harrett is a certified Reflexologist trained with RAC

"Reflexology Association of Canada" she is a member of

NSARP "Nova Scotia Association od Reflexology Practitioners".

She has 17 years experience.)


 Indian Head Massage (also known as Champissage)

The client does not have to undress and it can be performed without the use of oils or creams. As well as relaxing the areas of the body which are most vulnerable to stress and tension (upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck & head), the massage also encourages the flow of blood to the scalp, leading to higher levels of alertness and in some cases, promoting hair growth. Please check contra-indications and precautions. This treatment could be helpful with relaxation, improving circulation, tension headaches, migraines, neck stiffness, shoulder stiffness, eye strain, ear aches, tinnitus, jaw ache, sinusitis/sinus congestion, insomnia/disturbed sleep, hair loss, dandruff, premature graying, anxiety, mental tiredness, stress, lack of concentration and depression. In chair - This treatment is done with your clothes on. You should wear a T- shirt or something without a large collar or hood. The upper back, neck, upper arms, head and face are massage. This is done without oils.

30 min/$35.00 

Buy 4 for $28.00 each

Aromatherapy Facial

Includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, warm towels; face, neck and shoulder massage, mask treatment with hand and arm massage, floral water, and moisturizing lotion

$60.00/1 hour

Buy 4 for $50.00 each

Sugar Scrub Exfoliation

A sugar scrub is massaged on your body to remove dry, dead skin cells, deep cleanse your pores and help eliminate toxins from your body. This 1/2 hour treatment is done prior to an Aromatherapy Body Wrap or Massage

$35.00/30 min

Aromatherapy Massage

A custom made blend is made up to suit you personally, then massaged onto your body. Your back is massaged, the back of you legs; your face, head, neck and shoulders, then your arms and the front of your legs and feet are massage.

$85.00/90 min

Buy 4 for $75.00 each

Chair Massage

This is done in a massage chair with a face holder and done with your clothes on.

$30.00/20 min.

buy 4 for $25.00 each

Aromatherapy Body Wrap

Enjoy a essential oil body wrap. Your back, legs and arms are coated with massage oil then you are wrapped in a thermo blanket. While wrapped your head face and feet are massaged. A great way to relax and hydrate your body's skin.

$60.00/60 min

Buy 4 for $50.00 each

Deluxe Back Massage

Salt Glow, massage and paraffin treatment which is great for sore muscles.

$60.00/1 hour

Buy 4 for $50.00 each


A healing art using the universal energy to help heal your body.

$60.00/1 hour

Buy 4 for $50.00 each


Perfect Treat

1/2 hour back massage and 1 hour Pedicure

$80.00/ 1 1/2 hours

Buy 4 for $70.00 each

Heavenly Feet

A pedicure and reflexology on your feet will make your feet think they went to heaven

$80.00/1 1/2 hours

Buy 4 for $70.00 each 

Feeling Rested

This is a great combo of 1/2 hour of reiki and 1 hour reflexology.

$85.00/1 1/2 hours

Buy 4 for $75.00 each

Heavenly Gift

(Aromatherapy Massage, Pedicure and Aromatherapy Facial) Start off with an aromatherapy back massage then the backs of your legs are massaged. You turn over and you have your pedicure then the front of your legs and feet are massaged.  Then you have your facial and while the mask is on your face your hands and arms are massaged

 $120.00/2 1/4 hours

Buy 4 for $105.00 each

Nice and Cozy

Enjoy this cozy treatment of 45 min. aromatherapy massage and 45 min. body wrap.

$85.00/1 1/2 hours

Buy 4 for $75.00 each

The Relaxer

A 1/2 hour aromatherapy massage on the back and foot reflexology treatment

$85.00/1 1/2 hours

Buy 4 for $75.00 each

Total Relaxation

Enjoy this great combo. Pedicure with sugar scrub, foot paraffin and mini Aromatherapy facial which is a scalp massage, face cleansed, hot towels; and face, neck and shoulder massage

$85.00/1 1/2 hours

Buy 4 for 75.00 each


Lip -$8.00

Brow - $11.00/15 min

Chin or side of face - $8.00/15 min

Underarms - $16.00/15 min

half arms - $22.00/30 min

Full arms - $30.00/45 min

Bikini (visible hair wearing a typical bikini swim wear) $20.00 and up/30 min.

French Bikini (vertical strip in front) add $5.00

Brazilian Wax - removal of everything, front to back, often leaving the small strip in the front. (I don't do) Full Monty - the entire area is waxed clean. (I don't do)

1/2 leg - $26.00/30 min

Full leg - $48.00/1 hour

1/2 leg and bikini - $37.00 and up/1 hour

Full leg and bikini - $58.00 and up/1 1/2 hours